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New Client Packet

Download forms

Thank you for choosing Easy Bark Pet Services!



Please print one copy of this packet and attached forms, and complete them prior to meet and greet.  Forms can be printed in black & white or color. (Forms can be found at the top right or button left of this page)


This Packet Includes:


  • Rates & Services Summary

  • Suggested Checklist 

  • Client Information Form (Complete, sign, and return)

-         Veterinary Release Agreement (Fill in amount, sign, and return)

-         Pet Information Disclosure (Print one copy for each pet; each form is 3 pages, and return)

  • Service Agreement (Initial the bottom of pages 1-5, sign page 5, and return)



Have These Items Ready for the Initial Interview:


  1. Your signed documents.

  2. A working key (test the key prior to meet and greet).  We will provide a key code (no name will be put on your key).

  3. Emergency contact information for yourself, and 1 other contact. 

  4. Veterinary contact & medical information (allergies, conditions).

  5. Trip information, including hotel and flight information (if booking for vacation pet sitting).



Additional Information:


Your calls and emails are extremely important to us.  We have regular office hours 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.  If you send an email or leave a voice mail, we will respond the same day during regular business hours.  Any message received after these hours will be returned the following business day.  If you call or email on Friday after business hours, you will receive a response on Monday during office hours. 

Rates & Services

  • Initial Consultation with Owner(No charge)

Initial consultation with the owner is offered at no charge! Please have your keys ready at that time to avoid a key pick-up charge. We will email our paperwork and contracts in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions and tell us all about your fuzzy friend!


  • Dog Visit (20-30 minutes $35.00 per visit)

This is our standard visit, which includes, taking your furry friend for a walk on a leash, or yard time if preferred (in a fenced yard if instructed by the owner), feeding, affection, hugs, and cuddles. (Price includes 1 dog, $15.00 for each additional dog. *Booking must be made at least 48 hours in advance)


  • Daily Dog Visit for the Working Professional ( 20 visits of 20-30 minutes prepaid package, total $650)

This is a discounted price for the 20-30 minute Dog Visit to walk your dog on a daily basis, Monday – Friday, midday, with a prepaid monthly package of 20 visits. You must schedule walks 5 days per week to be eligible for a discount.  ($650 total for (20) visit prepaid package. *This is not available on weekends or holidays.  )


  • Last-minute Dog Walking (20-30 minutes $40.00)

If you are stuck at work or out for a night on the town and need someone to take your dog out, take advantage of our on-call dog walking service. When you need service, call us and we will send someone out to walk your pooch! Service is offered 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Any other time of the day outside those hours, please add an additional $10.00 (20-30 minute visit $50.00 total). This service is a little more than our standard pricing due to the last-minute notice(less than 48 hours) and is not available on weekends or holidays.                             


  • Kitty Care (20 minutes $30.00)

This standard visit includes litter scooping, water, food, and playing with your fabulous feline. (Price includes 1 cat. Add $10.00 for each additional cat)


  • Litter Box Change ($7.00 per litter box change)

Complete litter box change including liner replacement, disposal of old litter, and new litter placed inbox.  This service is an add-on to our Kitty Care service.


  • Hourly Pet Service ($50.00 per hour)

This is our extended dog visit, which includes taking your dog for a long walk on a leash, or more yard time if preferred (in a fenced yard if instructed by the owner), replenishing food, refreshing water, playtime, affection, hugs, and cuddles. We can also take your pet to the vet or groomer or pick up pet supplies for this hourly rate, plus a mileage charge. One hour minimum charge.  (Price includes one dog. $10.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)


  • Overnight Care ($115)

This “sleepover party” takes place from 9 pm – 6:00 am and offers a night of individualized love and attention for your dog. This is a wonderful option for dogs with separation anxiety or for pet parents who want overnight care but are not comfortable about leaving their pets in kennels.  Your pooch gets to spend the night in your home, giving them individualized attention with their Pet Nanny. Your pet stays in his/her home environment with all its familiarity to ease separation anxiety.  Overnight care includes as many walks as needed, feeding, fresh water, plenty of attention, hugs, belly rubs, and games of tug. This also gives added security to your home.  (Price includes one dog. $60.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)


  • Boarding ($100)

Easy Bark Pet Services offers a luxury boarding option. No kennel, no cages, and no 100 other dogs to overwhelm your dog. Your dog will have plenty of room to roam around, a fenced yard for outdoor activity, and two friendly dogs(my dogs) to play with. This service also includes walks, feeding time, bathroom breaks, and administrating medicine if necessary(oral only).  (Price includes one dog. $60.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)

  • House sitting ($115)

Working full days or just unavailable during the day? This 9 to 5 sit is just for you. This service includes walks, feeding time, bathroom breaks, and administrating medicine if necessary (oral only). 

Don’t have pets? We can still watch over your place, water the plants, and feed the fish.

(Price includes one dog. $60.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)


  • Booking must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Add $5 to visits or Kitty Care. Add $10 to Overnight Care.


  • Holiday Pet Care ($10.00 extra per visit. $20.00 extra per overnight.)

The complete fee goes directly to the pet caregiver as a bonus for working holidays.


Calendar holidays include:

New Year’s Day (beginning 5:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve)         Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)

Presidents’ Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)                         Halloween

Easter                                                                             Thanksgiving Day

Mother’s Day                                                                 The Day After Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)                            Christmas Eve (beginning 5:00 p.m.)

Father’s Day                                                                  Christmas Day

Independence Day and Weekend                                         



  • Cancelation policy

        If canceled within 72 hours before the service, no refund will be issued. 

  • Distributing Medication ($10 per injection. $5 oral administration.)
    *Oral medication - can be added to food or snuck into wrapped cheese.
    *Injections must be demonstrated at the initial meeting(Meet and Greet).


**If you are away on vacation, we recommend a minimum of 2 visits per day for your dog & 1 visit daily for your cat. For the safety of your kitty, we will not skip days.

Service Area includes Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Holland, Richboro, Southampton, Buckingham, Pineville, Lahaska, New Hope, Washington Crossing, Upper Makefield & Lower Makefield.**

Suggested Checklist for Things to “Leave-Out” For Your Pet Sitter

Muddy Paw Towels or Rags

Paper Towels – 2 Rolls

Can Opener & Spoon

Watering Can for Indoor Plants (Waterproof Surface)

Leashes & Harnesses

Medicines, Labeled with Amounts Clearly Indicated

Poop Bags

Name Tags & Amount Tags on Feeding Bins

Reminders & Changes From Initial Instructions

Broom, Dustpan & Vacuum

Carpet Spot Cleaner or Cleaning Machine

General Cleaner

Favorite Toys, Kongs

Brushes & Clippers

Treats & Chewies

Remote Controls for TV (For Overnight Clients)

Garbage / Litter bags

Extra Litter, Litter Scoop, Pooper Scooper

Additional Contact #’s (Hotel)

Pencil or Pen

Any Special Last Visit Notes





Your pet sitter will leave detailed reports after every visit.  We will only contact you if there is an emergency.  Please take comfort in knowing that your pets are in the hands of experienced, loving professionals. If you require email updates while you are away, please advise and we will add the service to your bill @ $3 per email update.  Enjoy your time away!


Return Confirmation:

We kindly request that you email us upon your return from a vacation sit to let us know that you have arrived and your pets are safe.  We do not use texting as our pet sitters are strictly focused on the dogs and not their phones; however, we check our emails regularly and appreciate the confirmation that you have arrived home.  If we do not receive a return email confirmation, services may continue and you will be billed for any additional visits.  Thank you for allowing us to spend time with your pets!



Easy Bark Pet Services


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Download forms

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