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"- When we get a house with a yard, we can get a dog"

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Who has not heard this sentence as a child or some times as an adult too?

But is it right?

In today's reality there is no real connection between having a house with a yard to raising a dog.

Different dog breeds have different needs, most of these needs can be provided to our dogs even if we dont have a yard.

There are a few points to consider in the decision of what dog breed to choose for ourselves when getting a dog, for example:

The size of the dog - The bigger the dog is, the more home space / yard / walk he needs. If you dont have a big home/yard, but you have time to take your dog for walks through the day, that can still work.

The age of the dog - Puppy or adult - depending on our time and our ability to give the dog what it needs to get. Puppies require a lot of time and attention. Very similar to a new born baby and his needs in the initial stage of coming home.

Apartment / house size - A dog with high energies requires more discharge activities than a mild energy dog, which means more outdoor activities.

Before choosing which dog to adopt / purchase it is recommended to do some research and maybe even consult with professionals opinion to see if you are ready for your new dog.

Every one knows that a dog at home has a lot of benefits, far beyond alerting and protecting the property, it also significantly improves the quality of life of its owners mentally, emotionally and some times physically too.

Alongside the advantages, there are a few disadvantages in keeping a dog in the yard all day:

- In recent years we have been exposed to the harsh and cruel phenomenon of dog theft in favor of dog fights all over the country. The exposed dogs are actually the non-formidable dogs that are in the yards and more than once are simply taken by the thief who is not afraid to enter the yard.

-Dogs that are left alone in the yard or garden often manage to get out and start roaming freely outside and may be harmed or run over.

-Those dogs that manage to escape the yard may harm other animals, frighten people, or get captured by the authorities and then the owners are likely to be fined for roaming the dog.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to:

- Take your dog on walk or a run so that they can be calm and relaxed while you are indoors.

- Ensure they have adequate entertainment such as toys and chewable bones.

- Provide them with "thinking games" that will keep them engaged physically and mentally. You can find plenty of ideas for activities online,

- And most importantly keep them in a safe place that will be as little exposed as possible to the dangers that could harm them.

It has already been proven that the contribution of our dog friends is great on so many levels - let's continue to take care of them and try and give them back what is expected of us for their safety.

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